1. How do I buy tickets to the movie

1.1 Advance ticket (till November 10th midnight)

  • Click on “Buy Advance Ticket”
  • Put your email address, name and buy
  • You will get coupon via email.
  • Note: If you have not received coupon email in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder.
  • From November 11th, any day you can use this coupon to watch this movie once for free.

1.2 PAY-PER-VIEW (After November 10th midnight)

  1. This movie is on Pay-Per-View.
  2. Put your email address, name and rent

2. How many days I will have access to the movie

2.1 You will have access for 24 hours from the day/time you start watching the movie . 
2.2 You wait to click Get Access whenever you are ready to watch. 

3 How to watch movie on my television

3.1 Click Here: Use Chromecast to Stream

3.2 Click Here: Use AirPlay to Stream

Redeem the coupon

You will get 2 emails

First email: Will say that you have donated/purchased

Second email: Within one hour you will get a coupon to use and watch the movie

Click here: Help to redeem coupon